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Azienda Ballardini Angelo - Since 1964 in Madonna di Campiglio


Angelo Ballardini was born in 1941, the fourth of six children. His father Saverio was a cattle farmer who produced milk and cheese.
In 1960, Angelo was hired by the Famiglia Cooperativa in nearby Saone first as an apprentice and then as a shop assistant.
Between 1964 and 1966 he was the manager of the Madonna di Campiglio store. In the mid 1960s, the Famiglia Cooperativa chose to sell off the shop in Madonna di Campiglio. Angelo decided to take on the challenge of becoming an entrepreneur and purchased the business.


In 1970, Angelo married Carmen Lorenzetti. With a strong belief in the business’ potential, they decided to add further stores.
In 1971, they added a new outlet in Piazza Palù.
Both shops are open all year round and are popular with both residents and tourists. At Ballardini, we always focus on the quality of our products.
Their first child, Patrizia, was born in 1971, followed by her brother Francesco in 1975.
In 1976, the shop quadrupled in size with a move to new premises in Casa Collini, Piazza Brenta Alta.
In 1978, a third outlet was opened, in Viale Dolomiti di Brenta.
During that decade, to boost sales, Angelo and Carmen sought to innovate by introducing a wide range of speciality breads, a revolutionary move for Campiglio.


The winter seasons were becoming increasingly important in Madonna di Campiglio and customers had greater expectations.
In 1982, Angelo and Carmen purchased the premises in Viale Dolomiti di Brenta and in 1984 the shop was refurbished, creating ‘Il Forno’: a modern shop furnished with the utmost attention to detail, featuring an innovative fresh produce counter. Meanwhile, the opportunity arose to expand the shop in Piazza Brenta Alta.
In 1983, Angelo and Carmen, who already owned around half of the ground floor of Casa Collini through their company Ballardini Snc, purchased almost all of the rest.


In 1997, Angelo and Carmen’s son, Francesco, joined the company in an operational role and acquired greater responsibilities over time. In the same year, Ballardini took over a shop in Piazza Palù, which until then had been run by the family of Angelo’s brother Remo.

Since 2000

2000 was an historic year: the Ballardini shop in Piazza Brenta Alta was completely refurbished, in line with the company’s new mission statement. The Ballardini ‘Boutique del Gusto’ was created, offering more specialist products and with expanded wine and local produce departments. The company’s image was also updated, with a new logo and the launch of an online shop allowing customers to buy our delicacies from the comfort of their own home.
In 2001 Ballardini sold off the branch of the business operating in the shop in Piazza Palù. The business was focussed on the shops in Piazza Brenta Alta and Viale Dolomiti.
2004 saw a complete refurbishment of the shop in Viale Dolomiti di Brenta. Il Forno became ‘Il Rustico’, designed to provide more space for traditional produce, wine and tastings.
In 2005, DEGUestive was launched: a chance to discover local gourmet delights, with guided tastings of wines, grappas and traditional produce.
In 2006, the shops introduced ‘ENOteca Grandi Clienti Ristorazione’ for businesses in the catering sector: an innovative service allowing restaurants and hotels to offer a premium wine list without inventory costs.
In 2012, the Delicatessen department was upgraded, allowing space for ready meals and freshly cooked Trentino specialities, ready to enjoy.
In 2016, in the boutique in Piazza Brenta Alta, a new department called ‘Home Sweet Home’ was introduced, combining fine fare with wooden gifts and traditional tableware, along with selected items for the home produced by local artisans.

Madonna di Campiglio

Gourmet Market-Wine Shop

In a warm and welcoming store in the centre of Madonna di Campiglio, Francesco and Barbara have selected for you the best grappas and premium wines with over 1,000 different varieties on offer. Wines and grappas from Trentino are the stars of the show.

Piazza Brenta Alta 21
Madonna di Campiglio
Tel: +39 0465 441056

Il Rustico

At Il Rustico Ballardini you can taste wines, grappas and little specialities every day, sometimes presented by the producers themselves, revealing the secrets of their production and wine cellars, as well as the history and tradition of their produce. This is the place to learn more about the region’s food culture and its rich flavours.

Il Rustico Ballardini
viale Dolomiti di Brenta 43
Madonna di Campiglio
Tel: +39 0465 441168

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